How do I give clothes to consign or donate?

Fill up a bag with clean clothes and drop it off at the designated location in participating residential colleges. There, you'll find labels that you can fill out with your name, email, and Venmo (for consignment), and tape on your bag. If you're donating, we'll arrange to hand off your bag to our New Haven partner, Loaves and Fishes. If you're consigning, we'll sort and sell your clothes for you, and when they sell, we'll Venmo you up to 70% of the selling price back while the remainder will be put into a pool of funds used to give all FGLI buyers a flat discount rate of 30% off all orders. Clothes that aren't sold after 2 weeks will get donated to our partner Loaves & Fishes, so that instead of sitting around unused in your closet, they can be re-loved by the community.

Which colleges are participating?

Stiles, Saybrook, Silliman, and Davenport are participating in our April pilot, which means that there are drop-off and pick-up locations in each of these colleges. If you're from a different residential college, you can still consign, donate, and buy with us by using those locations. If you want to bring Common Closet to your residential college, reach out to us at info@commonclosetyale.com

Where are the designated locations for drop-off and pick-up?

For Stiles, it's by the computer room in the basement, which is around the corner from the theater, close to the Morse side of the basement, just past the weaving room. For Saybrook, it's in the Lyceum. For Davenport, it's at the top of the stairs, above the dining hall entrance and right before you go into the library. Silliman location TBA soon!

How are clothes priced?

We'll sort clothes by category (shirt, pants, etc.), style (everyday brands versus high-end brands), and quality (like new versus gently used). Then we follow this pricing chart, which we came up with by taking the average pricing guides from other thrift stores like Goodwill. You're also welcome to price some or all of your clothes manually by writing out item descriptions and prices on a piece of paper and placing the piece of paper inside your bag.

How do I pay?

Pay by Venmoing us @commonclosetyale, and we'll send email you a confirmation of your order soon after. No credit card info necessary. If you don't have a Venmo and this poses a barrier to using Common Closet, just email us and we will figure it out on a case-by-case basis.

Can I try clothes or return clothes?

For the pilot, to keep things running as smoothly as possible, we won't have any try-ons or returns. But you can always re-sell any purchases that don't turn out the way you want by consigning them with us again.

When and where will the clothes be delivered?

Clothes will be delivered to the drop-off/pick-up location at the participating colleges over the weekend after you make your purchase. They'll be labelled with your name and your purchases, and you can pick them up whenever.